How to choose bridal makeup artist in Hong Kong

If you are researching for the bridal makeup artist in Hong Kong for your big day, you are in the right place! Check out the ultimate guide for how to choose the right makeup artist in your most important day in your life. 

Research for the bridal makeup artist

There are so many bridal artist claim themselves the best in Hong Kong. There is no compulsory licence or certificate to get anyone in the industry. You can’t really check the their skills by looking at their websites or IG profile. But don’t be panic. You can start with your friends who had married and get their referral or recommendations. Words of mouth is important. The makeup artists’ past clients speak the truth and they help you avoid the unqualified bridal makeup artists. They might not be the best, but at least, not the worst. Thanks to the Internet, you can also search on Google to see which bridal makeup artists are featured in the famous platform, like this one: Sassy Hong Kong: The Best Bridal Makeup Artists In Hong Kong

Find a Bridal Makeup Artist whose style catch your eyes

After the research process, I think you should have a few of choices for the bridal makeup artist. Let’s take a look at their work one by one. Most makeup artists would put their works in their websites and IG profile. Look carefully at their works and see what styles and looks catch your eyes. Remember the big day is yours. You are the most important person in the day. Pick the one who make you impressed and comfortable. 

You may not be the makeup savvy who can distinguish the different between makeup looks. It’s OK sis. Just use you intuition to feel what kind of makeup would make you be the prettiest woman in the world when you put it on your face. 

What is the cost for bridal makeup?

Wedding is a money-eating monster. You can spend a lot on everything, bridal makeup is not an exception. The price of Bridal Makeup Services in Hong Kong varies depends on the makeup artists skills level, service level, reputation and experience. When you choose the bridal makeup artist, you have to be clear about what services do you need:

  1. Single look/ multiple looks
  2. Do you need them to do makeup for bride maid, mother, mother in law, etc. 
  3. Whole day or half day
  4. Local service or you need to travel for the wedding

Don’t be shy to ask the price for the bridal makeup services. Most of the makeup artists are open to share their rate card. Just you need to know what exact services you need. 

What is bridal makeup trial session?

This is extremely important. You can make an appointment with your desired bridal makeup artist for a trial. During the trial session, you can communicate with the makeup artists what kind of style that you want or you don’t want. It is also a good chance to know whether the makeup artist is the right one for your big day. Consider the below:

  1. Is the makeup artist skilful?
  2. can the makeup artist understand what you need quickly 
  3. Is the makeup artist passionate about what he/she is doing
  4. can he/she make you feel comfortable 
  5. is he/she make you feel confidence 
  6. can he/she communicate well

These questions should be answered during the trial session. If there are more than 2 NOs for the above questions, this one is not who you are looking for. 

One of the best bridal makeup artist in Hong Kong

Ashlee is a makeup artist in Hong Kong who emphasis in client care and personal style. She loves working with brides to create the perfect look for their big day, and she also offers pre-wedding makeup services. Ashlee’s attention to detail and passion for her work make her a wonderful option for those who know what they want. Her service is professional and reliable, and she always puts the needs of her clients first. 

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